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- Chemical industry : For sludge & slurry transfer
- Paper industry : For treatment liquids, pulp liquids, wastes disposal & transfer
- Construction industry : For aggregate plants, sand plants, earth and sand disposal, and drain disposal
- Water and sewage : Sewage sludge & excreta transfer, livestock wastewater, leachat, enriched sludge and so on
- Others : No-loss transfer of foods, seaweeds, leathers and fruits
- Suction power : Max. 650~700mmHg
Detailed Description

Design & Structure Feature

- There is no clogging at all as it uses non-clog impeller.
- It needs smaller installation area and specification adjustment is possible.
- It has high reliability with durable structure and less abrasion against solids of abrasivity.
- It standardized parts to guarantee the maximum compatibility.
- It has the structure easy to assemble and disassemble.

Sectional Drawing / Selection Chart


Outline Drawing