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- Water Supply System
- Irrigation System
- Water Treatment System
- Firefighting System
- Various Industrial Fields
Detailed Description

Design & Structure Feature

- The best reliability
  - Vertical multistage pump is used
  - Balanced-typed cartridge style mechanical seal for easier maintenance
  - Dedicated controller for booster developed by own knowhow
  - Maximized stability of water supply by installation of two discharge pressure sensors
  - Upgrade available of software for controller
  - Production conforming to standard process and the best quality provided through total inspection


- High efficiency system
  - Acquired certification of high efficiency pump
  - High efficiency motor installed as a basic specification (MG’s up to 22kw/ Siemens’s higher than 22kw)
  - Vertical multistage pump with the world best efficiency
  - Maximized pump efficiency through laser-welded impeller
  - Maximized energy reduction through stop function at less flow rate, losscompensation function against abrasion and so on


- Advanced technical power
  - Intranet and internet communication supported through Ethernet
  - Various fieldbus communications such as PLC supported through CIU gateway
  - Set points setting up to max. seven ones available
  - Max/Min/User designated operations available
  - Outside control of set pressure available
  - Reserve sensor installed
  - Reduced operation function

Sectional Drawing / Selection Chart



- Optimized pump performance by load changes
  - Maintenance of uniform pressure, uniform water level or uniform temperature
  - Phased controls of pump for minimized changes of pressure
  - Pump stops in case of no load (to reduce unnecessary power)
  - Reduction of unnecessary energy, reduction of abrasion of machines, prevention of temperature-rise of fluids
  - Maintenance of proper water pressure

- Stand-by pump secured in case of pump failure
- Suitable in case of capacity shortage just with one pump only